Johnson finds good fit in HCC


Central Holmes’ Wykece Johnson didn’t have to look to far to find the perfect fit for his college career.

Johnson signed with Holmes Community College on Wednesday.

Johnson is coming off a standout season at Central Holmes as he led the Trojans to a 7-5 record and the first playoff win in school history. Johnson rushed for 1,750 yards and 20 rushing touchdowns.

Central Holmes coach Jim Crowder, who coached at Mississippi Delta, said Holmes was the perfect fit for Johnson, who ended his career at Central Holmes with more than 4,000 yards of rushing. Crowder said it was a good fit because of the offensive style the Bulldogs run with the double-wing offense.

“They are excited to have a local guy with his reputation,” Crowder said. “I think it’s a great fit for him. With a new coach coming in, there is no guarantee that they will be running the double wing. But if they remain with that, he is tailor made for that offense. He would be the fullback which is more like a tailback kind of player. They have had a lot of success with that offense and have recruited to that so I don’t see why they would change.”

Crowder said one of the first things he was asked about was Johnson’s work ethic.

“They depended on me to describe his work ethic and in my two years here, he has never missed a workout,” Crowder said. “His work ethic is unmatched. He’s going to work hard on and off the field.”

Crowder believes that Johnson will have more opportunities after two good years at Holmes.

“They like him as a person and leader,” Crowder said. “He is outstanding in the classroom and will be a good teammate. He will be the complete package. That’s what you  kept on hearing coaches say. I told him to look at Jonathan Dwyer at Georgia Tech. It’s a not a conventional fullback and that guy is playing in the NFL right now. They like him as that power back and I think that’s a good fit for him.”