Your vote - use it or lose it


To the Editor:

The September 5 headline in The Star-Herald read “Low turnout decides races.” A chilling headline if ever there was one. When I think of the people who are still alive in Attala County who risked their lives so I may vote, a chill runs down my spine when I see low voter turnout. If we don’t use our right to vote, we can lose it.

It is not hyperbole to say our right to vote can be lost. Yes, we have The Constitution of the United States, but let’s be honest, Republicans have not abided by it for almost 20 years now. The wars in the Near East are illegal for they have not been sanctioned by Congress. When the Republican electors on December 20, 2016, decided to install Trump into the White House knowing of the Russian influence within the Trump campaign, this nation went into a constitutional crisis. We are still in one. 

The American public continues to beg Congress to remove Trump, yet Republicans block every effort to remove Trump. They do it at all levels of government. Most notably, they are doing at the local voting booth. We saw in the recent Republican primary in MS how the electronic voting devices will flip votes to another candidate. Yet there has been no action on the demand for hand-marked paper ballots with hand counts. Why? Delbert, our Secretary of State, will give you the runaround about paper ballots. He puts it off on the counties.

The recent runoff primary election was one of the few where I have been home to actually vote on the regular voting day. When I voted, I noticed there was no longer any paper printout of my vote on the side. Why? One of my classmates was working the primary that day. I asked about the printout she said there is none. Why? How are we to audit our elections if we don’t have a paper trail? We have seen these units have “calibration” issues. 

I implore the citizens of Attala County to demand of the Election Commissioners, who work very closely with our Circuit Clerk’s Office, to have paper ballots for the general election this November. It is obvious at this point our elections are not secure and voter suppression is at play. Absentee ballots for in-person absentee voting will be in the Circuit Clerk’s office on September 21, 2019. You may vote in-person absentee Monday – Friday. Also, October 26 and November 2 are the two Saturdays when you can vote in-person from 8 a.m. to noon. 

Make your plan to vote this November. If there is a runoff election, make plans to vote in it, as well. Now is the time to have your ID and to check your voter registration. If you have never been convicted of a crime and find yourself incarcerated, know you are still able to vote. We must take voting seriously and we must vote every election. 

Be active in your government.

Sue Harmon

Attala County