What is User Posting?


Welcome to the FAQ page for user posting.

Our website allows registered users to submit various types of content:

Photos, News Articles, Opinion Columns, Social Media Posts, Community Calendar Events, etc.

NOTE: All user posting options are subject to our Online Comment Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

Please familiarize yourself with these documents (as they layout important account information).


The tutorial page below will help you understand what your options are/ assist navigation across the site.

They contain simple categorization by topic with a variety of hyperlinks/images/videos/etc.

Let's get started:

Table of Contents

These are all categorized and hyperlinked (you can click on them for easy access).


Start Graphic
Getting Started


- What is the User Dashboard?

- What is the Personal Public Profile?

- What is the News Post Dashboard?




Tools Graphic
Info and Settings


- Micropayments (and how you can be paid to post)

- Flagging (inappropriate content, posting standards, and the 'strike-policy')

- Privacy (what you can do to hide/show certain content online)


Community Graphic

Community Features


- Buy & Sell (and how users can either find items/make money selling them)

- The Community Calendar (and how it can be used to promote local events)

- Local Links (and how you can share hyperlinks to useful websites for those in your community)


Social Graphic
Social Features


- News Posting (how you can create articles/columns for our site and get paid for them)

a. What is it?

b. What can I post?

c. How can I get on/view the leaderboard?

- The Friends Feed (using our local, non-tracked social media tool)

- The Groups Feed (creating categorized boards for specific posts)

- The Neighbors Feed (sharing posts directly to local areas)





What is the User Dashboard?


Our account system has been constructed to provide ease-of-access to various features, including:
account information, subscription status, newsletter/notification settings, etc.

It can be easily accessed by clicking on 'My Account' on the top-left corner of your display.


The user dashboard will allow you to see your account's personal information.
This information is PRIVATE, and accessible only by you.
We take great care in ensuring that all of your personal/private data is stored securely.

You are given options to update your account's details, including:

- Phone number
- Email Address
- Mailing Address
- Password
- Etc.

This dashboard also gives you immediate information on your subscription to our publication:


You have the ability to adjust your subscription, view your recent orders, and store payment methods (for future use).

Our publication also provides options for signing up for various email/phone notifications.
These notifications pertain to our publication's newsfeed, your Friends feed, Neighborhood posts and more.
The options are listed as simple toggles that can be either enabled or disabled.


Your dashboard will also allow you to see your recent social posts, giving you quick-access to your posting dashboard.


Our website believes in fair payment for user-generated content, so we share revenue for garnered traffic.
If you post on our site (and add your payment settings), you will earn money for your posts.


What is the Personal Public Profile?


Users needed a place to express themselves, so we created the Personal Public Profile.

While it shares some similarities to the User Dashboard, this page is available for others to see (whereas the User Dashboard is private account information).

Users can view your profile by clicking on the option (above every post).


This is a public profile that is tied to your existing account. It collects all your posts (Friends, Neighbors, Buy/Sell, etc.) and displays them on a single page.


It also displays a Friends List, which gives you ability to compare friends. You can send friend requests to familiar users or click on their name to view their unique public profiles.


You can edit your profile in various ways, adding a ton of ways to make your profile your own.


Be sure to customize and share whatever you like!


What is the News Post Dashboard?



The News Post Dashboard serves as the main portal for your submitted News Posts.

It gives easy access to your posts, whether any of your posts are under review/have been approved and gives full access to your payment settings.

To view your News Post Dashboard, click here! 


What are Micropayments (and how can I be paid to post)?


If you create content, we want to pay you for it. This functions exactly like our setup towards our news staff.

If you think that your content post is worth sharing, simply try sharing it through our network.

We love having members of the community share news/content/opinion columns/etc.

We're willing to share whatever we think the community would be interested in. Everything from local reviews, cooking recipes, local government/school updates, etc.

It could be anything, regardless of if you consider it 'newsworthy' or not. If you think that it's important and you want people to know about it, make a post on any of the social platforms (Friends, Neighbors, Groups, Buy/Sell).

Payment Settings

Payment Settings

Posting content will always be free. If your post generates reads, we give an incentive by paying you for popular content.

In order to be paid for your work, you'll need to update your payment settings under the User Posting options (Post menu dropdown).

These payment settings are only to send you money that you earn from your posts. We do not utilize your financial information for any other purpose.


How Can I Flag Inappropriate Content?


Users have the ability to flag user posts as inappropriate (for spam, offensive content, etc).
One can do so by clicking on the Flag icon at the bottom of a post (and confirming that they intend to flag the post).



If any post receives multiple strikes (from several users), the post will automatically be pulled from public display for review.

A moderator will review the flagged content and take action against the account, either reinstating the post, giving the posting user a strke or banning the account entirely.

Strike and Ban Structure (for users and Groups)

Site moderators may choose to strike a posting profile for inappropriate content.
These strikes accumulate and result in automatic actions toward an account:

- Three Posts with strikes: 24 hour suspension of posting and a warning email.

- Four Posts with strikes: 72 hour suspension of posting and a warning email.

- Five Posts with strikes : Week suspension of posting and a final warning .

If a user has posted over five items that have resulted in strikes on a profile, the user will be banned from posting any social content.


What are my Privacy Settings?


You have the ability to change who can view your posted content.

When posting to Friends, simply set the privacy option when creating a post:


On Groups, you can configure your own personal group to be a private/invite-only structure:



Buy & Sell (how users can either find items/make money selling them)


We created a system that allows readers to Buy and Sell items locally.
You access the option by clicking on the menu item.


It is built on the same system as Friends posts, yet it contains several key differences:


1. It is set up to focus on ITEMS, not posts. You can see this in effect across the options.

2. You have the option to filter by category, as well as selecting a specific neighborhood to place the item for sale.

3. You can post either an item to sell, or a post that requests an item to buy.

4. The post requires a price (and if the cost is negotiable or not).

5. The feed only lists the title/price/picture. To see the full post, users need to click the ‘More Details’ option, which takes them to the post’s complete page.

6. These posts do not contain ‘Reaction’ options.


When creating an item, you are taken to a unique item-creation page.


We designed all of the elements to be self-explanatory.


The Community Calendar (and how to promote local events)



Our Community Calendar is meant to serve as a comprehensive listing of events for the entire community.
Access to the listings exist as a menu item (Calendar) as well as a side-bar item.

Logged-in users have the ability to add new events to the local community calendar.
You can easily start the event creation process by clicking “Submit Your Event”.
If you know of a local gathering, you should post to the community calendar (and raise awareness of the event).

You can add an Image or PDF to an event. You can also add a street address and it will display the location of the event in a Google Maps image.

There are nice graphical presentations for all upcoming community events.


Local Links (and how to share hyperlinks to useful websites for the community)


We wanted to offer users the ability to share links to useful pages that relate to the local community. To allow for that, we created Local Links.

You can access the page by clicking on the dedicated menu option:

Local Links

This page offers various categories of link types (and you can add to any number of them):


Categories include:

- Churches
- Government
- Business
- Schools
- Civic
- Misc

You can add a link by clicking on the "Add Link" option next to a category (it does not need to be for the same category, as you have the option to adjust your link's classification when adding it).

Add Link

Adding a link is a straightforward process of various fields:


1. The Link Title is what you wish to name the link in question
2. The Link URL is the link that you are trying to share
3. The Description is a simple explanation for what your link is. It is optional.
4. The Category is the section you would like to classify your link under. Pick whatever is most-relevant to your link.

After your link is live, you have the ability to either EDIT or DELETE your shared link.
These icons will exist to the right-side of your link on the page.


User Posting : What is it?


Our News Posting feature allows readers to post content to our websites.
To start sharing content all that you need to do to is create an account (so that your work will have your name on it).

Reader Post



b. So what can I post?


Readers can post text, documents, photos and videos.
Upon submission, your post will be sent to a member of our staff for review.

We review the post, and assuming it meets the minimum criteria standards, we make it live for everyone in the community to see.

We're willing to accept any and all forms of digital content. Don't feel any hesitation towards a potential submission. We may send comments to you regarding your content draft and possibly set a bonus amount to pay you for the post.



c. The Leaderboard


To make things interesting (and to spur up competition), we created a Leaderboard for all user posts.

This lets the community see all user content, easily sorted by read-counts, total number of posts, and even how much they earned by posting.

You would be surprised how much a popular story is worth (and it might even inspire you to generate some interesting articles/reader posts).


The Friends Feed


This functionality serves as a local social media, giving readers the ability to friend each-other, create posts and notify each other whenever their feeds are updated.


You can access the Friends functionality by clicking the option on the menu.


The page is structured in a straightforward manner:

-    The introduction explains the feature to new users.

-    The post options allow readers to easily start a new post, using either text/photos/videos.

-    The filters give users the ability to sort their feed however they like (Public Feed/Friends Feed/Personal Posts). The second set of options allows users to see their friend list, search for friends and accept friend requests.

-    The feed itself functions in the same way a news section feed page would operate (Like Most Read/Top Stories/etc.) There is a title/byline/body text and images. If a post is too long, it can be viewed as a dedicated page (just like an article detail page).


When a user creates a Friends post, they are given a pop-up form. They have the opportunity to set their post a public or private (friends only). All of the options are labeled to be self-explanatory.


The Groups Feed


We created a feature to allow for posts of a similar topic/category to be grouped together.

You can access the Groups functionality by clicking the option on the menu.


This functionality works exactly like Friends posting, however the focus for all of the posts to be centered around a similar topic.

The main feed page will showcase all recent, public group posts.


Instead of posts being centered on an individual user (like Friends), the main aspect of Group posts is that they are tied to a specific group:


You can view the description of the group by clicking the information icon next to the name.

By clicking on the group name, you are taken to that group's specific feed. It will display ALL public group posts:


On the feed page, one can read more about the group, view the listed members (if it is public/you are a member), or browse other groups:


By browsing the other groups, users can either immediately join or request to join an existing group.

If there is not an existing group (for a topic that you would like to post about), simply create one by clicking the button on the main Groups page.


When creating a group, you have a variety of settings that you can set, such as the Name, the privacy type, the overall category, the Group image and the description.



The Neighbors Feed


We created a feature to transform public feeds into categorized, local neighborhoods within your community.


You can access the Neighbors functionality by clicking the option on the menu.


This functionality works exactly like Friends posting, however the focus for all posts is centered around local communities. Users have the ability to set the local area that a post would apply.

The filter options give users the ability to set which community feeds they would like to see (either a collection or individual neighborhoods).


Attached with every post comes reaction icons, which gives readers the chance to set how they feel about a post. There are also ‘share’ options, a read count and a comment section.


Thank you for your interest in sharing local content!

We look forward to seeing you share something with the community.