Shop Safe, Shop Smart and Shop Small


To the Editor:

As each day passes during these uncertain times with Covid-19, it is important that we all stay positive and vigilant, while understanding the severity and lasting impact that this virus can have on our community.  Safety should be our top priority, while traditional routines are having to change almost daily.

Nobody knows more about change than our local businesses.  They are being hit hard by this ongoing pandemic.  It shouldn’t take such a crisis, for all of us to be ever thankful for the investment, time and effort that each of our local businesses have gone through to be part of our community and continue creating ways to service the needs of everyone here.

It’s their livelihood, along with their employees for whom they are responsible.  So, don’t think it's easy to just close the doors for 15 to 20 days or longer.  After talking with many of the businesses across town, they understand the fear that customers have, (they’re one of you), so they are making difficult decisions, along with the necessary changes so you can continue to be safe while shopping.

Some of our clothing and specialty boutiques may be closed to foot traffic, but are open for online ordering and even providing daily live videos on social media so everyone can view their products.  Without dine in, restaurants are offering curbside pickup and delivery with shortened hours, so that means you can allow for social distancing while enjoying your favorite meal.  Many of our retail offices, such as law and insurance are open by appointment only, but are still conducting business with clients when available. Banks are providing drive thru service with online opportunities available for applications, online banking and more.  It’s Spring so while at home, take advantage of cutting the grass, trimming the bushes and starting to get to those long over-due projects.  Businesses in our area providing outdoor equipment, lawn and garden, seed and so much more are ready to get you going with curbside assistance.  Some of our local stores have even started special shopping hours for our seniors. Car dealers are providing online applications and delivery of your dream automobile right to your door. All of these opportunities are being offered so you can continue to shop without so much fear of doing so. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to call the business prior to your visit or drive by to see what they may have posted on the door.  As always, they have you in mind, so they are making adjustments just for you.  

We can’t say thank you enough to the men and women of our local clinics and hospital who are on the frontline and continue putting their lives in harm’s way every single day to help everyone be as safe as possible.   Please follow the CDC guidelines and visit your local clinic or hospital website or social media for details on maintaining your safety and the safety of those around you.

Maintain 6 feet between you, wash your hands really good and stay home as much as you can, and please,  Shop Safe, Shop Smart and Shop Small.

Darren Milner

Executive Director

Kosicusko-Attala Partnership


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