Nothing wrong being conservative

To the Editor:

One of your readers suggested Trump supporters should examine themselves. I can suggest the same for the person who wrote that article.

One who sees nothing redeeming in Trump most certainly is underestimating his supporters. I cannot imagine anyone supporting someone who wants wide open borders and giving illegals everything the rest of us had to work for such as money, medical benefits, housing and, of course, a voter registration card, knowing that illegal will vote Democrat and will become a government slave.

All I hear from Democrats is socialism, abort babies at birth, doing away with the Second Amendment, and God help them if they try to take away my deer rifle.

I have certainly examined myself and did not necessarily vote for Trump as much as I voted against Hillary.

After watching the Democrats debate, I’m convinced they are the ones who need to be examined.

There is nothing wrong with being conservative.

Voting for one of those liberals is not an option.

Wayne Achord

West, MS


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