It is on all of us to pull together now


To the Editor:

What a difference a week makes. I am starting to see people take things a little bit more seriously. I ponder the response from the general population had we been made aware of the seriousness of COVID-19 in January as was Trump. Instead, we were told from the Trump administration to not worry or that COVID-19 would be gone by April. Sadly, we have been put into a position where we can’t trust the information Pence is allowing the CDC to make known to the general population.

The mayor of New Orleans, using information from CDC and FBI, allowed Mardi Gras to continue. New Orleans is now a hot spot for COVID-19. Tate Reeves — after much pressure — only recently decided to issue a shelter-in-place order for all of Mississippi. Likewise, the governor in Florida, a Trump devotee, waited until the very last second to think of making some areas of Florida off-limits to the public. The cherry on this sundae came recently when Brian Kemp, governor of Georgia, stated he was only made aware that COVID-19 could be spread by asymptomatic people Wednesday, April 2. Maybe, when Trump was touring the CDC offices in Atlanta, Kemp failed to hear the notice about asymptomatic people spreading COVID-19.

How many Americans have heard, by their actions, that Republicans don’t care about the American people? House Democrats crafted legislation, Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act; a lengthy but fairly clean bill aimed at supporting the American people while helping to give a little stabilization to our economy. That bill never saw the light of day. What we were given was a bill from the Senate that was heavy in giving aid to corporations but not to small businesses, the life blood of America. The Senate bill was also light on aid to the people. Senate Democrats had to fight to get an increase in unemployment insurance benefits included in the bill.  Something is very wrong within the Republican Party.  It is criminal what we are seeing.

Trump sold — we all know he didn’t give anything — to China our national strategic stockpile in February. He sent 17 tons of our medical supplies to China. He later said to the American people COVID-19 was a hoax. He then delayed using the Defense Production Act to allow for production of items we need during this pandemic. Why? We all must be asking why. 

It is my ask that we stop standing by, watching our nation being torn asunder. Remember it happened to Germany after WWII. May we use these two weeks to become a better people. A people focused on helping one another.  A people who understand the duties of our government. Trump has set the states adrift. He has left us to fend for ourselves. It is on us to pull together to save the United States of America.

Sue Harmon

Kosciusko, MS


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