Doing our part

In an effort to serve our communities, we are publishing an in-paper special section this week, containing general information on the coronavirus on pages A2-A4 and A9-A10, as well as localized information starting on page A1.

We’d like to extend special thanks to the Kosciusko Board of Aldermen, Mayor Jimmy Cockroft, the Attala County Board of Supervisors, Chancery Clerk Taylor Casey, and Baptist Memorial Hospital - Attala for sponsoring this content for our communities.

Someone wondered why we would bother putting this information in print when there is so much information available online these days. We do it for a several of important reasons.

First of all, while social media can be an enjoyable way to keep in touch with family and friends, it is — at best — a very unreliable source of validated, accurate information. We see our mission as ensuring that our readers have trustworthy reporting upon which to base their opinions and actions.

Second, a large percentage of Mississippi residents, including those in Attala County, have little or no online access whether it be due to a lack of a device or the lack of broadband internet. Individuals who do not have this access should not be deprived of vital information that can help preserve their health and safety and that of our communities.

Finally, Attala County has a good number of residents who choose not to receive news and information via  television or internet outlets. Many of these are elderly and/or health-compromised individuals - exactly the people who need accurate trustworthy information the most.


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