Flashbacks 011719


Jan. 16, 1969

Political activity picked up this week in Kosciusko’s upcoming municipal elections. The city’s voters choose a mayor and board of alderman on May 12 to serve four year terms. Incumbent Mayor Doty Jackson announced that he is a candidate for-election. Longtime Ward Three Alderman Victor C. Allen announced he will ask re-election. Charles Pope is Ward One Alderman, J.D. Watts serves in Ward Four and Walter V. Davis is serving from an at-large post.

New Chamber of Commerce President Dick West presented Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Love Jr. with a gift for Love’s service last year as president of the Kosciusko-Attala Chamber of Commerce.

Enrollment figures accumulated from academic, vocational, evening college classes program and Manpower Development Training Association compile to 1012 students under supervision by Holmes Junior College. In-campus students number 856, an increase of 31 students over last year’s number 825. Of the students attending the 40th session of the college, 729 are academic, showing another increase of 31 students over the previous total of 698. The second largest group participate in the Manpower Development Training programs in Kosciusko and Lexington. The academic student group is supplemented with an enrollment of 127 vocational students, an increase of two students since the ’68-’68 session. Night academic classes account for 66 of the total.

Jan. 20, 1994

Clarence E. Morgan III is seeking one of the judgeships in the Fifth Circuit Court District. Morgan’s father held that position for 18 years, until his death in December 1992. And the younger Morgan’s grandfather was prosecutor in the district before that. According to Morgan, whose nickname is Cem (pronounced Kim and based on the first letter of each of his names) the district is unsurpassed in the quality of judges it has seen. He names John Allen, J.P. Coleman, Henry Lee Rogers and his father as exemplars of judicial wisdom.

The cause of an explosion on a Southern Natural Gas Co. pipeline in eastern Attala County is still unknown, according to a spokeswoman for the company. The explosion rocked the hills near the intersection of Highway 19 and Massey’s Crossing Road, sending a fireball hundreds of feet into the air.

Former Kosciusko Mayor Charles “Cletone” Pope suffered multiple fractures after he was thrown from the truck he was driving left Highway 35. Pope was driving to his residence in Kosciusko from the Grenada offices of Waste Management where he is employed as a route supervisor.