Linda Ruth McMillan (alias Lynn Michaels)

Linda Ruth McMillan, at 65 years, from the McVille community outside of Kosciusko, passed away on Mother’s Day after an aggressive, short illness in the time of Coronavirus of 2020. She passed away with great courage and a sense of humor; morphine helped.

She leaves behind a son, Samuel McIllwain of Orlando, Florida, and a brother, Milton McMillan, along with his wife, Betty, retired in East Bradenton, next to Sarasota where the Ringling Bros. and Barnham & Bailey Circus would spend their winters waiting for spring to then tour America. She leaves behind a large contingent of family, associates and affiliates throughout the U.S.

They include her niece, Amy McMillan; nephew (William) Greg McMillan and his wife, Joy, along with their children, Ridgeland and Landry; brother, Billy Lawrence and wife, Betty; and nephew, James Lawrence.

Send no flowers, just take your family out to dinner and give her a toast. Truly one of a kind, she will be missed.

She received her RN degree at the University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg.

She joins in heaven her parents, long time McVille residents William Billy (Mac) McMillan and Bertie (Ruth); and her infant sister, Barbara Lucille Lawrence, who rests next to a lamb at the Sallis cemetery.

Linda wished to have her ashes tossed into the Gulf of Mexico at Caddy’s restaurant at Treasure Island, Florida; great beer, burgers, fries and memories there for her. Caddy’s is a truly epic way to go out. She did not wish to be formaldehyded with a plasticized smile and be chunked in the cold dark Earth and have her demise swamped slowly with water underground. Caddy’s should be a shrine to the return of common sense and human dignity; float forever in the big blue ocean.

Honorable mentions:cousins Sam McMillan and wife, Rebecca; Eugene Harris, Tommy Harris, Patsy Harris; Nancy Spain, Chuck Spain, David Spain, John Spain and the late Sudie Spain King; Mark Packard, Mike Packard; Harold Gray and Beth Gray; Connie Doyle and Wayne Doyle; Cindy Carnes, Billy Carnes,and Joyce Carnes; Sammy McMillan; James K. (Jimmy) Williamson and Hoolie Merchant, both of the McVille community, as well as all the great family members.