Let me know if I need to try this


We have several barn cats on our cattle farm that are good for keeping the rodent population in control. They are beautiful cats – two satiny black and two that are white bodies with striped gray tales, legs and faces. 

The cats have changed many times over the years as they have matured and wandered away. But we have had so many different ones over the years because they multiply every cycle of birth. We have, at one time, had as many as six or seven.

My husband will tell you he is not a cat lover, but I would beg to differ with him. 

We had a house cat several years ago, Millie. She was really a strange-looking feline. One side of her face was white and the other black. Because she was an outside cat, he was her caretaker, feeding her and giving her water. He was her person. She had been an inside cat until we left her alone for a weekend and she used my shoe for her toilet. She was banished from inside.

A few months ago, our cat food began to disappear more than with just feeding the cats. It seemed to be gone in a day or so. We decided it was another type of animal/mammal that was helping themselves to the cat food. We set a trap right by the cat food container and the next morning as my husband opened the barn door, two small beady shiny eyes were staring back at him. 

We had a big raccoon. We had a friend who wanted him, so we gave him away.

A few days ago, our cat food was disappearing faster than usual once again.

We keep the food in a tub, with a tight-fitting top, with a weight on top, but a raccoon can remove that top with no problem. I heard once that with their little “hand-like” feet, they can  open or hold almost anything. 

Believe me, this is true.

We have set our heavy wire snare three times now. He has really enjoyed the sardines and tuna fish we have fed him, and he has somehow tripped the wire trap, but manages to break out of the jail, leaving the door shut as it should be after entrapment.

We have decided it must be one of those Amazonian-sized animals or perhaps they are coming in a gaze, bringing help to get those delicious fish.

After research, I have found that raccoon meat is edible, but it can be tough and needs to be tenderized first. 

I have never cooked nor eaten this meat, but I am giving you a recipe just in case you catch one or want mine after we catch him.

Crockpot raccoon

1 large raccoon

1 chopped onion

2 chopped stalks of celery

1 diced green pepper

4 bay leaves

package of sliced mushrooms

1 can onion soup

1 can mushroom soup

salt and pepper

After cleaning, cover with water and boil for about 15 minutes. Do this twice. Place the meat in a crockpot and add all ingredients and cook on low for 8 hours. Serve over rice, with turnip greens and fried potatoes.

Be sure to let me know if I need to try this.