Hard to escape being set in my ways


I do not like to think that I am set in my ways, but from all accounts, I am. 

I am so predictable. 

Every morning, I get out of bed on the left side, go to bathroom and wash my face, speak to Bella and then head straight to my kitchen. I turn on the oven, make the coffee, get my first cup from my Keurig and finish breakfast. 

I could almost do these things with my eyes closed.

I always remember my grandmother used to say, "We are such creatures of habit hardly anything changes from our day to day routines." 

If we will just stop and think, this is true. 

If we work outside the house, we go to work at the same time, we wear the same type of clothes, we do the same sequence or actions regularly followed with your job task. We go to lunch at the same time, and usually have the same meal we enjoy every day. 

Sometimes I just wonder if my life might be more invigorating if I changed it up some. We all need a change from time to time

I have been working outside getting my porches, patio, summer house and swimming pool ready for enjoying the fast-approaching season. I placed each flower pot, the same pot, exactly where it has set for the past several years. My yard art is standing where it has been stuck in the ground for many summers. I have made a list of flowers I plan to plant in each pot, the same flowers. 

As I stood back and surveyed my work, I thought to myself, "You are so you!"  Where is the spontaneity? The sense of adventure? I grow the same flowers my mother and grandmother had flowering in their old pots years ago. 

So I immediately began moving pots, yard art, chairs and tables, pillows and everything that was not too heavy to change places and positions of different things in my yard. 

It looked so different and mixed up and out of place, but I wanted a change.

Now, the next morning, 8:30 in the 45-degree cool of the morning, I was outside moving everything back just the way it was before I had my spur of the moment idea to make a change. Each flower pot is back in its own place, yard art is back to its old holes in the ground and now I am content once again.

When I get another spurt of energy and the yearn to make a change, I think I will roll over to the right side of the bed and rise for the day. I will not wash my face but just leave the "sleepy" in my eyes. I will not turn on the oven or make the coffee. 

Instead, I will set a bowl of Special K in my husband's eating place and give him a glass of water instead of the fluffy, hot homemade biscuits, sausage and hot strong coffee.  

I might even go outside and drag 'everything' askew once again. 

But, it is probably going to be quite a long time before the notion hits me full force again.

Let's change up the menu. 

Here is a recipe I have never used. 

Let's try it!

Ground Beef and Cabbage

1 large head of cabbage, chopped
1 - 14 ounce can of tomatoes with juice
1 onion chopped
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1 pound of ground round or ground beef.

Combine cabbage and tomatoes with juice, onion, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper in a large pot over low heat.

Bring cabbage mixture to a simmer and crumble in meat. 
Cover and cook until cabbage is tender, which will take about 45 minutes.