Grateful to be stir-crazy


I am, like you, so very tired of this confinement that I am going stir crazy.  

I go from my computer to my reading chair, to watch television, to the kitchen to cook, and then start all over again.  

Sometimes I even have to ask my husband, "What day is it?" 

One day just runs into the next.

After the rains of the past two days, I am getting out in my yard to see what plants have survived over the winter, now as the pollen seems to have been washed away. I have some green things coming up that I honestly do not know what they are right now. As I dug in several of my pots, they were growing red ants and I was covered and doing my jumpy dance for a while to beat the ants off me.

The porch and the trinkets that sat on the tables used to be in the turquoise color family,  but were all a pretty bright yellow, as well as my cushions. As the water ran off, the small rivulets were thick with yellow pollen.

Of course, my husband, Mr. Clean, began his talk again about bleach!  Once again, I tried at first to explain to him, as I do each and every year, that he cannot use bleach as it will kill my flower beds and all the grass around the pool. Once again, he became irrationally upset with my scoldings and told me that I can take care of the discoloration around the patio. 

Well, okay! 

It is just something about bleach that he is obsessed with.

I have several pots in which I always want annuals and they need to be planted now, but I am quarantined. I cannot go to a store and go in and buy flowers or anything else, so I suppose some of my pots will grow grasses and weeds this year. I will be happy to give you a cutting if you need one.

I realize things could be so very much worse than they are. I may complain, but I am thankful we are all doing well, but sometimes I just need to whine.

While were in New York last year, we ate at Serendipity. They have a chocolate sundae that cost $1,000.  

No, we did not eat that (must be really good) sundae. But here is a recipe that is really good for you to try:

Brownie Sundae

Make a batch of your favorite brownies adding 2 T. dark cocoa powder, 1 t. vanilla extract, 1 cup of chocolate chips, and 1/2 t. salt. 

Cool completely and cut into nine brownies.

Top each with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and chocolate syrup.


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