If you feel young, you will be young

Every morning as I step onto the floor from our bed, I breathe a prayer saying, “Thank you Lord for helping me get up.” 

As I stagger to the bathroom and head into the kitchen to cook breakfast, I realize that my gait is a little slower and unsteady. 

I just celebrated a birthday, a milestone of years that I am so thankful to have reached. Inside I am still the young girl with fledgling and unseasoned feelings until I stop at the mirror to tame my bed hair and I want to scream, “Who the heck are you?”

At first glance, I believe my mother is standing there by me. 

Sometimes I take an inventory to make sure that I am still me. 

I know my eyes measure 20/20, I believe the printing is always small.

I wear hearing aids to help my husband, so he does not have to strain his voice when he talks to me.

The wrinkles on my face are not age, they are just laugh lines. I am a happy person.

Some people tell me that my hair is more gray, but that is my new shade of blonde.

Sometimes my husband asks me why I am wheezing, that is just me humming. I love to sing. 

Sometimes I think I might have gained a few pounds, but then I believe I can still fit into my wedding dress. 

I love to swim, and I can jump right in, but for some reason those steps are steeper than they used to be, and I have trouble climbing out. 

Sometimes I think my stature may be shrinking, but hey, I never was very tall. 

And every once in a while, when I see a familiar face, I cannot place a name and I am forced to say, “Oh, do I know you?”

I have heard people say that they feel as if they have earned every wrinkle and gray hair that they have, but as have just said, most of my hindrances can be clearly explained away.

I believe the epitome of the question of age is this: If you feel young on the inside, you will be young on the outside. 

Just try it!

One of our grandsons, Sam, cooks some and I watched him make fried rice the other day and I might have learned something.

Fried Rice

3 cups of cooked rice

2 T. sesame oil

1 small chopped onion

1 cup of peas and carrots

3 T. soy sauce

2 beaten eggs

Heat sesame oil and add onion, peas and carrots and fry until tender.

Slide this to the side and pour beaten eggs into the other side. Scramble the eggs and, once cooked, add to the rice and vegetable mix.