Kosciusko City Cemetery Tour set for Oct. 26

On Oct. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m., the Kosciusko Cemetery on South Huntington Street will again be alive with actors from Kosciusko High School as they portray past residents of Kosciusko and Attala County. This event is sponsored by the Kosciusko Attala Historical Society, Cain and Dotson Funeral Home, Culpepper Funeral Home, Jordan Funeral Home, Myrick Funeral Home, Watkins, Ward, and Stafford CPA and Winters Funeral Home. Admission cost is $5 for adults and $3 for students and children.

Kosciusko Historical Society Board member Terry Jones, with the assistance of local historians, researched and compiled the script that the actors will be using. 

“This cemetery has many interesting stories to be told and people should take the time to walk the trails and read the markers,” she said.

Speakers for the night are all high school students under the direction of teachers Angel Chennault and Stephanie Holmes. They will be dressed in period costumes and will share parts of the history of the people buried in this beautiful cemetery.

The tour will begin at the Tipton Street entrance, where attendees will meet their guides to “stroll into the past.” Several guides will be available so that tours can be staggered on a regular basis throughout the evening.

Former residents to be featured and students portraying the character are William Curtis White and wife Christine—Ozell Landfair and Jordan Hughes; Dr. Blanche Colton Williams—Anna Caroline Pickle;  Emily Frances Potts and husband Hugh—Laken Milner and River Burrell; Oliver Kenneth Power Sr.—Eli Frazure;  Daniel Benjamin Comfort—Robert Pickle; Turpin Greene Atwood and wife Elvira—Will Cook and Anslye Gordon;  Richard Ross –Blayne Spears;  Ellen McNutley—Alexis Lepard; Clement Clay Kelly and wife Laura—Lucas Price and Macey Steed;  Annie Smythe –Lakelynn Fancher; Aaron M. Storer and wife Elizabeth—Cooper Black and Mary Patton Henderson;  and Clarence Edward Morgan Sr. and wife Florence –Evan Scott and Lillian Dean. Angels will be Elyse Bell and Hannah Trussell. 

Tour Guides for the night are Annan Grace Rigby and Jackson Gilmore; Madison Fletcher and Trinity Mosley; Madison Autry and Patricia Orduna and Devyln Pope and Katelyn Odom.

This tour is designed for young and old alike, the whole family. 

“It will be filled with colorful re-enactments and so much rich history and should be an adventure that all ages will enjoy,” said Jones.


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