Thanksgiving guest list tops 1,220


KSD invites family members to holiday luncheon

The five schools in the Kosciusko School District will host more than 1,221 guests for a Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday, Nov. 21.

The guests will be parents, grandparents and guardians of the district’s 2,300 students, bringing the Thanksgiving lunch total guest list to 3,521 — not counting teachers and school staff.

Each child was permitted to invite two adults, with the guests each paying the regular cost of an adult meal in the district, $3.75. Those attending are asked to bring exact change.

Schools Business Manager Sandy McBride got the idea for the event from a Peach County, Georgia, school and suggested it to Superintendent Billy Ellzey.

Kosciusko Lower Elementary School, which serves the city’s pre-K, kindergarten and first grade children, has the largest number of expected guests. The school received RSVPs for the lunch from a total of 568 adults. To accommodate the large numbers, kindergarten and first grade classes and their guests will be served lunch in their classrooms, while pre-K classes will eat together with their guests in the school cafeteria.

Kosciusko Middle Elementary will have 294 guests for the luncheon and Kosciusko Upper Elementary will host 215 guests. Kosciusko Junior High School is expecting 100 adults to join their students for the holiday meal and Kosciusko High School will host 44 additional adults.

The goal is to bring those who do not always have an opportunity to spend time at their children’s schools to a welcoming event.