Her last campaign: At 88, Myrtle Black passes the St. Jude torch


“This is going to be my last year. I’m going to be 88 next week,” Myrtle Black of McCool told The Star-Herald last week. “I hope it will be a big turnout, but it’s time to let me have someone else do it.”

Myrtle has been dialing for dollars every summer since 1982, raising funds for St. Jude Hospital.

Although it started out much smaller, she has raised more than $11,000 per year for the past several years.

“People have been great about giving all these years. More people should get involved with things like this,” she said. “If I can help someone, I am going to.”

Asked how she has been able to raise so much money from the comfort of her home, Myrtle explained she keeps a list of contact information for everyone she calls. While it started small, the list — and the donations — have been building for 38 years.

Although this will be Myrtle’s last St. Jude campaign, she is training her successor, Jessie Black.

She will mail St. Jude her final batch of checks Sept. 1.

If you can help Myrtle have her biggest year yet, give her a call at 662-547-6738.