Little Garden Club meets

Steve Deason, owner and operator of God’s Corner Garden, was speaker for The Little Garden Club March 2020 meeting. Steve told the group the building that houses God’s Corner Garden was originally a house of worship known as the Church of the Nazarene, and he and his family were members for many years. He recalled attending services as a child and youth in the church, with a humorous twist, along with expressing gratefulness for the religious training he received from the excellent teachers there.

Following Steve’s informative talk, Janet Croons, florist at the business, explained facets of her job as designer and manager of the floral department, all the while demonstrating and creating a small, lovely arrangement of commonly recognizable fresh flowers and plant materials. As she worked, she told about meeting Steve and going to work for him two years ago. She talked about the cost of materials that go into arrangements, ordering supplies in a timely manner, and creating funeral arrangements. Much of Steve’s business is wholesale in Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. For example, he has a contract with Ole Miss for its graduation exercises, and, locally, for the Kosciusko Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball.

Delicious Saint Patrick’s Day-themed refreshments were served by Jamye Autry and Barbara Hanson during the business discussion. Members present were Grace Atwood, president, Jamye Autry, Trish Cullen, Barbara Hanson, BJ Jenkins, Barbara Wasson, Barbara Burns, Jill Butler, Patsy Gilmore, Peggy Tyler and associate member Marjorie Lampkin.