Little Garden Club hosted Cindy Brunt Melby at recent gathering

The Feb. 2020 meeting of Little Garden Club was held in the Jackson Room, First Presbyterian Church, Kosciusko, where members of the club welcomed Cindy Brunt Melby of Starkville as guest speaker. Cindy, a native of Kosciusko and daughter of club member Pauline Brunt, told of the Christian ministry she is involved with at First United Methodist Church, Starkville, Laundry Love Ladies (loving people one load at a time).

“Each Monday at 10 a.m., ladies from the church load up a cooler with iced-down waters, apple juice, breakfast bars and two ‘fanny packs’ full of quarters and head over to a laundry mat in Brooksville Gardens, a public housing project, to wash clothes with ladies/moms who struggle to make ends meet,’ said Melby. “While residents are washing their clothes (we supply detergent, etc. and quarters for machines), we talk through ways to prepare for a job, sign up for back pack meals, get school uniforms and share positive discipline guidelines for children. A rich benefit for us has been a better understanding of those in our community who struggle.”

The ministry, begun in 2017, has grown over the years, and now includes a library for students created at the facility, as well as gardens for residents to tend and gather healthy foods for meals. Cindy’s husband, Dr. Pete Melby, retired landscape architect from Mississippi State University, built raised beds on the property for residents to grow vegetables, plants, etc.

Garden Club members in attendance were Jamye Autry, Pauline Brunt, Trish Cullen, Barbara Hanson, B.J. Jenkins, Dean McLean, Ellen Pettit, Anne Porter, Barbara Wasson, Barbara Burns, Jill Butler, Peggy Tyler, and Kathy Cox. Pauline Brunt and Mary Ikerd provided refreshments reflecting a Valentine’s Day theme. Peggy Tyler and associate member Marjorie Lampkin assisted with serving in the absence of Mary Ikerd. Dorothy Harmon was welcomed as  an invited guest.