Sallis native shares her gifts through two books

Creatively writing her way through life, Sallis native Genisha Morton is a woman of many talents. Singing and writing are tools she has used to cope with the events in her life. 

In the most recent year, she has completed two of a three-part series entitled “My Life in a Dream!”  Each story takes its turn telling the tale of a dream she had concerning her life. Genisha has also spent time in a studio recording the music for her first album to come out this summer.

Along with writing and singing, Genisha has become more health conscious and is opening an online restaurant. Her goal is to have a fun place to hang with fun/healthy food, fun and family. 

She wants to be able to give to those who need it most, and realizes that a millionaire has more than one source of income. Her goal is to leave not just a legacy, but an inheritance for her children and future generations.

She has to this point raised four young gentlemen into successful college students. These young men will take part in growing her businesses so that they can carry on the legacy long after she is gone. Her sons and nephew are her greatest joy and success, she said.

She appeared at an Attala County Library book signing last Friday from 2 to 4 p.m.