Halderman seeking Chancery Clerk post in November (Paid Political Ad)


I am Billy J. “Joey” Halderman and I am your candidate for Chancery Clerk of Attala County. I am asking each of you personally for your vote on Nov. 5.

I am concerned about the safety of each of you and as the lead financial officer for the county, if elected, I am dedicated to serve the citizens of Attala County. I will, in addition to the daily duties of the Chancery Clerk’s office, work to procure funding for a new jail or refurbish our old jail to meet state and federal standards. The use of the Leake County Jail facilities is a good temporary fix, but we must have a permanent solution, which is a jail facility of our own. The safety of our citizens of Attala County is at stake and both the city of Kosciusko and the Attala county supervisors should stand with me, if I am elected, and set all projects aside until a jail facility is funded. A jail facility would serve both city and county. The city and county jails have been closed die to failing to meet state and federal standards.

I am presently retired with over 31 years of total retirement credit to the state of Mississippi. I am not looking for a dream job, or a career in the Chancery Clerk Office. I have completed my career and now I am wanting to serve you, the citizens of Attala County, to help our county work more efficiently.

I am married to Carol Rone Morgan and we have four children and eight grandchildren. I am a member of Bowie Chapel Methodist Church and I attend Ethel Baptist Church, where Carol is a member. Carol works for the Attala County School District. Carol is the daughter of Paul and Shirley Rone of Ethel. My parents, Frank and Helen Halderman of McCool, are deceased.

I am a graduate of Ethel high School, of Holmes Community College, and I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University. In accounting, my experience in the courts and with county and state officials will be a good fit in the Chancery Clerk Office.

I look forward to seeing and talking with each of you prior to the Nov. 5 general election. With your vote, we can keep our law enforcement officers in Attala County, not Leake County and provide them the facilities they deserve.  Our law enforcement officers then can properly and safely serve you, the citizens, who they have sworn to protect.

Please vote and elect Billy J. “Joey” Halderman on Nov. 5 and put leadership over politics.