FREE STORY: Collins case sent to DeSoto Co. DA


The Olive Branch Municipal Court has referred the sexual battery case against Kosciusko Police Investigator Greg Collins to the DeSoto County District Attorney Office.

Collins was arrested and charged in relation to an incident reported to the Olive Branch Police by the alleged victim on Dec. 8, 2018.
According to a statement issued by the Olive Branch Police Department at the time, the alleged victim and Collins met in an area bar and later went to his hotel room, where the alleged incident took place.
“She went into the bathroom where she reports she was the victim of an assault of a sexual nature. Immediately after the incident took place, the victim was able to leave the hotel, and reported the incident to police a short time later,” the statement reads. “The off-duty officer was located shortly after the report and subsequently taken into custody. Based on the information provided in a signed affidavit, he was charged with Sexual Battery.”
According to the Mississippi Code, a person is guilty of sexual battery if he or she engages in sexual penetration of any kind with another person without their consent.
Collins and five other Kosciusko officers were in Olive Branch from the prior Thursday through that Saturday for Field Force Operations training offered by Homeland Security, according to Police Chief Herbert Dew.
On the Monday following his arrest and release on a $22,222 bond, the Kosciusko Board of Aldermen voted to suspend Collins without pay until the matter is resolved.
An initial appearance in Olive Branch Municipal Court Jan. 8 was rescheduled for Feb. 5, but the case did not appear on the court docket as of Monday..
The Olive Branch Muncipal Court Clerk told The Star-Herald that the case had already been referred to the DeSoto County District Attorney Office.
According to a staffer in the DA’s Office, there is a typical process for handling cases.
“We open the case and it goes to legal which assigns a prosecutor who gets an indictment ready,” the staffer said. Cases are then brought before the monthly one-day session of the 17th Circuit Court of the Mississippi sitting grand jury, which hears cases and determines whether or not to hand down an indictment in each case.
The only case-specific information The Star-Herald was able to obtain is that the Collins case has been assigned to DeSoto County Prosecutor Luke Williamson.
The staffer declined to indicate when the grand jury meets, but said if a case does not make it before the next session after it is received, it will generally be heard during the following monthly session.


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