County man mauled, killed by dogs


Harvey Harmon, Jr., 76, who lived in the McAdams/Sallis area on Highway 14 West, was found dead at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30.

According to Sheriff Tim Nail, Harmon died of injuries sustained when he was attacked by as many as four dogs, two of which kept on Harmon’s property by a family member who lives in Kosciusko.

Harmon was reportedly found deceased by someone checking on his well-being. Hi body was found near where one dog was chained and another had broken free from chains, with two additional stray dogs present nearby.

“He just might not have been able to fight them off,” said Nail of the victim.

Although an autopsy confirmed that Harmon died from the dog attack, Nail said it was unclear exactly when the attack occurred, but it was likely within the 12 previous hours.

The family member who owned two of the dogs, reported to be bulldogs, agreed to have his dogs euthanized following the incident.

“According to the owner (of the dogs), they weren’t aggressive dogs, but clearly, they were aggressive that day,” said Nail. “But the owner did take responsibility and agreed to have the dogs euthanized.”

The sheriff’s department called a veterinarian to the property to euthanize the owned animals, as well as one of the involved strays. The other animal has not been seen since deputies first went to the scene.


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Harry Cole Proctor, 82, passed away Sunday, Mar. 22, 2020, at Baptist-Attala in Kosciusko.