Historic French Camp presents Founders Day May 9

Walt Grayson, Wolf River Drum & Bagpipe, Dixie National Wagon Train, Chief Pushmataha Reenactor, British

and American Reenactors from War of 1812, Mass Academy and Churches Choir and others to appear.

When Congress approved a post road from Nashville to Natchez in 1806, trader Louis LeFleur decided to build an inn and trading post at the midpoint, establishing what is now known as French Camp.

Early on, LeFleur sought missionaries and educators to serve the native Choctaw population.  This heritage of Christianity and a commitment to education continues in French Camp today.

On May 9, 2020, the entire town will celebrate three unique phases of French Camp history.

The Beginning 1810-1830:  With Choctaw permission, LeFleur establishes his stand.  Missionaries and educators arrive.  Andrew Jackson builds a relationship with LeFleur, using French Camp as a place of staging and recovery for his army of militia, free blacks and Indians during the Battle of New Orleans.  Greenwood - LeFleur’s son and great nephew of Pushmataha - is elected Chief of the Choctaw Nation.

The Settlement 1839-1859:  The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830 opens the area for migration.  Scotch-Irish pioneers arrive and begin to settle. Descendants continue to populate much of the area today.

The Heyday 1880-1920:  French Camp grows and thrives, opening formal Christian Schools for both men and women.  Presbyterian, Baptist and African American churches grow.  Town becomes a center of area commerce.

The formal May 9 program will be hosted by Walt Grayson.  There will also be a 64 square foot display modeling the town at its peak.  A mass choir made up of the French Camp Academy Choir and area churches will perform.  There will also be food and other vendors, as well as a model T display.  Other displays will be added as the event nears.

Admission and parking will be free, but early arrival is encouraged.


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Harry Cole Proctor, 82, passed away Sunday, Mar. 22, 2020, at Baptist-Attala in Kosciusko.