Bench him


Chris Schuster — the Ethel High School physical education teacher and baseball/softball coach recently arrested for domestic violence-simple assault causing bodily injury, felony burglary of a dwelling house and malicious mischief — deserves to be presumed innocent, as any citizen should be, until charges are officially resolved.

But that doesn’t mean he belongs in the classroom or on the playing field in the meantime.

The 300-career-win coach should not lose his job unless and until the charges are proven or pleaded to. But neither should someone accused of violent crimes be supervising our community’s children.

If he is guilty, the worst case is that leaving him in his current roles could be putting our youths in harm’s way. At best, he serves as a poor role model. Our children deserve better.

What does it tell our children if he’s guilty and left in his current position?

It tells them that “winners” can get away with things others do not. It seems as though that sentiment has become increasingly prevalent in our country, and is now coming into play locally.

At the same time, however, Schuster should not be unreasonably penalized for having unproven charges pending against him. He should neither be fired nor lose his paycheck at this point. The one option that makes sense is to put him behind a desk, with pay, until the matter is resolved.

Bench him.