News from the West Civic Club


The West Civic Club met on January 15 in the home of Ruth Aldridge. She, Mitzi Aldridge, along with Natallie McLellan were hostesses this month. The refreshments were delicious.

Thank you ladies for hosting. Twelve members were present to enjoy our program given by Ms. Sara Cotton. Sara explained some of the Yoga exercises that can be done just to relax your body and mind. After explaining them, she had the club members join in with her for some good relaxing. There are several you can do just for relaxation all the way up to extensive ones. This program was enjoyed by all. She also teaches some Yoga classes in the Lexington area. If you would like to get in touch with her she will be glad to hear from you. You may reach her by calling 1-601-214-2458. 

President Carol reported to the club members that our old propane tank had been switched out for a newer one and they put 120 gallon of fuel in the tank, so we are good to go for heat.

The monument committee chairman was not present but, from the other members they had not received a written notification as of the 15th. The Nandinis are still available to plant in front of the club room when weather permits. Maryann reported that there were more papers to be signed for our grant and that she is to meet a gentleman who will be giving us an estimate on some of the repairs at our meeting building. 

The meeting was then adjourned by reading of the collect. 

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the West Civic Club, please feel free to contact Carol Black at 662-967-2062 or any of the other members. The next meeting will be February 19 at 2pm.

The group wants to keep our thoughts and prayers going for Sherry Ingold and her family during this terrible tragedy. She is such a hard-working and caring person.


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Harry Cole Proctor, 82, passed away Sunday, Mar. 22, 2020, at Baptist-Attala in Kosciusko.