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News from West

The October meeting for the West Civic Club was hosted by Jean Aldridge, Kathy Gelston and Billie Aldridge. The speaker for this meeting was Tara Harrell from the Lexington Extension Office, Home Economics Division. Harrell explained some of the programs that she offers open to the public. They have a yoga class held in the evenings by Sara Cotton, which is designed for beginners to the more agile and experienced. The Home Makers meet and make quilts out of odds and ends of material and even old clothes they cut up to make lap quilts, regular quilts and bibs which they donate to the nursing homes. Flowers, arts, wreaths and painting are just a few of the get-togethers mentioned. Some of the classes have a nominal fee and some are free. They also offer consumer marketing and refresher classes for food handling so that food handlers may get their licenses renewed. There are charges for these particular classes. Walk away classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. Participants are weighed and blood pressures are taken. There are other classes that are geared mostly to the young generations. For further information on any of these or questions you may have, call Harrell at 662-834-2795 or the Holmes County office and they will direct you to the right office 662-834-4688.

Guest of Sara Dell McLellan this week was Carol Jones of Evergreen, Colorado. 

In May of 2017, the Civic Club went to Greenwood and toured Locus Benedictus. After touring they met in the main building and were informed that if we would like we could donate and have a brick with the club name and date on it put in their walkway in one of the gardens.  Just recently the club received a certificate providing the location of the brick.

The October meeting was then opened by Lynn Hathcock and Sue Cade with the prayers for the club, and Leca Dew led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Birthday this month was Sue Cade.

The Treasurer’s report was then given and the minutes were handed out with no additions or corrections.  Pat Ellis has taken over the scrapbook for the club. 

In new business, President Carol Black passed around a list of the past Christmas basket recipients for everyone to either add or delete names for this year. She also mentioned that the club needs to start thinking about how to redo its big sign advertising the Big Black River Festival for next year. After several years of use, the current sign needs attention. Black then asked Mary Cade if she would help Inez and Jolynn as hostess for the month of February. 

Discussion of the previous years of the leftover festival t-shirts ensued, with a decision to take them to the Stew Pot Mission, as all items are handed out and people are not charged. 

In old business, the East Holmes Academy sign. The club still has not received a letter stating that we may have this sign, so Kathy volunteered to get in touch with one of the other siblings involved and see what she can do about getting confirmation in writing. The club then formed a committee of Jean Aldridge, Mary Ann Stevens and Kathy Gelston, who will report back in November.


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Harry Cole Proctor, 82, passed away Sunday, Mar. 22, 2020, at Baptist-Attala in Kosciusko.