Stan Beall

My heroes


Heroes, what exactly is a hero?  Back in the day when I was a child most of my heroes were sports figures who could do incredible things on the field of play that left me amazed and excited to see what they would do next.  A couple of my heroes then were Atlanta Braves center

True colors


What is your favorite color?  Do you base many of your decisions, in the fandom world, on your favorite color?  Many people do and those many people are usually the ladies.  I know that not all women do that, but there are a large majority that do.  My wife tends to lean towa

Just wait until next year

Listening to all the talking heads on TV and radio after such a tragedy in Las Vegas can somewhat numb my mind.  Many have their own ideas about how and why such an incident took place, but no one has any real answers.  The government cannot totally deprive the populace from

Sports is life, sort of


How many times have we as sports fans been riding on high, our teams winning nearly every game they play and pushing deep into the playoffs?  Not near as often as I would like if you ask me, but that is the nature of the beast.  Sports brings out both the best and worst in us

The 'box kick'


Writing a column every week can be somewhat challenging when it is for entertainment purposes most of the time.  There are actually times when I try to be somewhat informative, but most of the time I try to entertain those reading this column just a little bit.  Today is real